Red Wine


Malbec has an intense, inky red color and a distinctive plum flavor, with robust tannins. Used both for blending, as in French Bordeaux wines and as a single varietal, Malbec has increased in popularity, particularily in the softer, lusher version produced in Argentina.

KEY FLAVORS: Lush. Plum, raisin, violet aroma.
FOOD PAIRINGS: Roasted meats, mushrooms, spicy sauces.

Pinot Noir

Lighter in color than other reds; sweeter with low tannin and acidity. Very fruity and floral – raspberry, strawberry and cherry, combined with roses, violets, incense and hints of asian spice.

KEY FLAVORS: Light. Raspberry, strawberry, roses and violets.
FOOD PAIRINGS: Red sauce pasta, light meat dishes, traditional for turkey dinner.


Softer, fruity and more lush, but with many similar characteristics to Cabernet Sauvignon, when oaked, Merlot has less tannin and acidity and a more plumy, blackcurrant flavor.

KEY FLAVORS: Dry. Plum, cherry, black currant.
FOOD PAIRINGS: Beef, lamb, stews, pizza and red sauce pasta. Excellent with chocolate.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The king of red wines. Deep red in color and primarily tasting of blackcurrant, Cabernet Sauvignon is suited to oak barrel aging, frequently imparting new flavors – vanilla, toast, spice, chocolate and coconut.

KEY FLAVORS: Dry. Mint, Blackcurrant aroma, Chocolate
FOOD PAIRINGS: Beef, lamb, pork and pasta dishes. Great match with strong cheeses like brie, cheddar and chocolate.